Our home for the month!

If there’s one thing that can be said about touring, it’s that it can really bring people together. You learn really odd quirks and facts about one another (for example, the drummer Lewis is a better person to trust opening a bottlecap with a piece of copper piping than the guitarist Matt, and bassist John has about three dozen random and somewhat insulting nicknames), and you find out more about each other’s likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, and of course, their most annoying habits.

We’re three days into our tour now. The past two shows (Seattle, WA and Portland, OR) have been amazing! We played at the legendary El Corazon the first night, which was an amazing venue with a great crew who made us feel at home and sound brilliant. I got to meet a really

Hanging with Zoe!

Hanging with Zoe!

cool young fan of mine (I wish I’d been allowed to have blue hair when I was eleven!) who hung out with me for most of the night at my merch booth, and Lewis’ parents drove down from Canada to see us perform too. We played with a couple of really, really good bands in Seattle including Delta Wave, whose single you can grab on iTunes. Fell in love with the guy’s voice, and they put on a wicked, energized show.

Last night was the show in Portland, OR – that was a lot of fun. It was at a bar, The Blue Room, in Cartlandia, which is like a food cart playground for adults, and I guess kids too. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and enjoyed our sets. The owner and bartending staff were super nice, and the acoustics in the room were really, really decent. I also got to try my hand at running the sound board! The sets went over well, and we performed our cover of Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun, which is quite fun, actually! A great way to end a set.

My name in lights…!!!!! Well, not quite. ;)

One of the things we’ve been really lucky about is that we’ve been offered so many places to stay by friends in different states. Camping in people’s back gardens is definitely the way to go! Definitely beats sleeping in the van or paying through the nose for hotels everywhere, even if I did wake up with a giant beetle in my tent one morning. Ugh.

Anyway, I should probably sign off. We’re going to be getting into Boise soon, and we have an early start tomorrow to get to Salt Lake City, UT on time for a television interview and performance. Ack! See ya around, #Strangers!

~ Kiery

(PS: I’m gonna be writing longer blog posts to go with the release of my new EP, so you should make sure you grab the digipak when it comes out!!!)

“Tear Down The Wall” Video Release Party!!!

Switch-20So, the video release party for my new single, Tear Down The Wall, went off with a bang on Friday night! The crew of brand new TV sitcom The Switch organized an epic LGBTQ* support party with food, live music, public speakers, and fabulous paper mache walls full of candy for kids to “tear down”.

We also had a table with pages from Finding Gender, a binary-smashing gender-exploratory LGBTQ* colouring activity book for children, strewn all over it along with colouring crayons. I gotta admit, it was pretty cool to just sit there with a few others and colour while the DJ… DJ’ed. The book is absolutely amazing, it follows a child who isn’t sureSwitch why gender roles are so specific and why he has to be a boy OR a girl, and a robot who doesn’t understand why he can’t be a robot AND a fairy. It’s fab, I love it.

I was lucky enough to perform with my good buddies Within Rust, who are going to be my backing band on tour this summer! We played through a bunch of my new and old tracks, and then right at the end we performed Tear Down The Wall and everyone rocked out and sang along. It was completely magical… I can’t even begin to explain how I felt. To be so open and honest, and to help others feel like they could be the same way.

Afterwards, they played the music video and everyone sat and watched it. It was the first time I’d heard the single played on powerful speakers, and the bass and depth to the music was incredible (high fives to Vancouver-based producer Colin Grieve!). The video was so emotional in the room, surrounded by so many people to whom the message really spoke. When they got to the part in the video where the four main cast members start tearing the wall down, everyone in the room started screaming and cheering, and I think I was a bit teary by the end, ha ha. It was a truly wonderful experience and I’m so glad I have it to remember. <3

Well, here you go, #Strangers! Here’s my new single! I hope you enjoy it, and please spread the love!