I’m gonna #Shave4Sully!

This is going to be a long one, #Strangers! But it means a huge amount to me so please bear with me! ^_____^;;;


As some of you may know, a good friend of mine in the anime and convention community was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This summer, Sully discovered that she had a lump in her breast, a nasty little bastard of a tumour she and her boyfriend Tyson later dubbed Harold, which she has since had surgery to remove. However, as she lives in her US and they still don’t have universal healthcare, her insurance is crappy at best.

Some of her friends over at Tasty Peach Studios set up a GoFundMe, with the purpose of raising enough money (the current goal is $20,000) to pay for Sully’s chemo treatments and surgery, the organic foods she needs in order to remain healthy, and her living expenses for the coming months so that she can stay home and focus on rest and recovery rather than working, which could exacerbate her condition and make her sick.

The GoFundMe is currently sitting at $11,660 – around 58% of our goal. It’s a great amount, but I know my #Strangers, and I know that we’ve done some awesome things in the past when we’ve worked together and shown our strength in numbers, so let’s get that number a little higher during this season of selflessness and giving!

When the GoFundMe reaches $12,345 (because that’s a super fun number), I will shave my head over livestream!

Please donate whatever you can. Skip the Starbucks coffees this week and toss us a fiver or a tenner. Donate something instead of getting me a Christmas gift, as I know some people have been asking me what they can get me – a donation to Sully would make me happier than anything else this year! Even just the minimum donation would make an incredible difference!

To learn a little more about Sully, check out this excerpt from the GoFundMe:

You’ve still seen the results of her work. And those results are still unmatched today. A lifelong anime fan, Sully truly is one of us. Starting back home in TX and eventually branching out to anime cons across the country, she’s a dedicated volunteer staffer with a knack for putting out fires. For example, she once saved a major concert at Otakon.

She’s always been there, behind the scenes, giving 100% to make sure fans get the best experience they can. She Gets Things Done. (Like no one else can!) As a former member of the anime industry, Sully brought programming, guest support, swag and invaluable industry presence (booths, panels, announcements, premieres, etc) to conventions around the world. But even more so than that, she was well-known for championing conventions who maybe wouldn’t warrant industry attention on their own. She didn’t have to do that. But her goal was simply to get out and bring a little special happiness to attendees at cons no matter the size.

Sarah has shown perseverance, strength, and a will power over her life that many of us have come to envy. Over the past year Sarah has met many obstacles head on, defeated them, moved on, and passionately encouraged others to do the same when meeting their own hardships.

This type of strength and inspiration is not seen in many individuals today, and now she comes to us in her time of need to help her take care of things she shouldn’t need to worry about. This time should be spent seeking treatment, scheduling necessary appointments, and healing. With your help, we can ensure that she has the monetary support she needs from us in order to do just that.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your time! <3 It means a lot to me. And if any of you happen to be friends of Sully too, I urge you to bring your noggin’ forward too and see if we can raise the bar even higher, and #Shave4Sully alongside me!

Kiery xoxo

COSPLAY TUTORIAL: Queen Elsa’s Ice Bodice

Hey, folks!

A lot of people have been asking me how I made the corset for my Queen Elsa ice dress cosplay, so here it is! I created a tutorial, what I hope will be the first of many. I hope you enjoy it!

COSPLAY TUTORIAL - Elsa Bodice ver1

I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Elyon Cosplay, who inspired my technique with her own tutorial and bodice, which gave me the idea to use craft foam instead of sequins to give it a thicker, more three-dimensional look.

If you enjoy the tutorial, please share it! And I would love to see any Elsa cosplays you have made and your takes on the beautiful bodice of this outfit.

Kiery xo