More Photography – The Fluffy Edition!

While I’ve been hanging out at home (songwriting and working on some other upcoming fun stuff!), I’ve kept my camera on the coffee table or next to me on the couch, and I’ve been grabbing snaps of the kitties whenever they do cute stuff around the house.

Other than Pippin. Because Pippin refuses to hold still for the camera, and starts rolling about excitedly whenever he sees it. He basically just loves attention.

Anyway, here’s a couple of the shots of Bowie, Tesla, and Sherlock that I liked! ^___^








And then this last one just makes me giggle, even though the focus is all off. I love the fact that the ONE thing that was actually IN focus in the shot is his tongue. :3

~ Kiery xo

Updates and Stuff! :3

Hey, #Strangers!

So, we’ve been busting our butts at Strange HQ over the holidays. It’s been a weird and emotional time for a lot of us, and we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into some of the things we are working on here for 2015!

Over the next month, we’re gonna be making some announcements! There’s tours in the works, conventions, vlogs, merch, cosplays, cover songs, a pretty wicked side project with some buddies of mine… and, of course, NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! My EP, Last Hero Standing, may finally have a proper release date set… and we may be thinking about releasing a new single before that… perhaps. ;3

Keep your eyes on this space because over the next month we’re going to be revamping this website and making it awesome enough for the stuff we’re about to throw your way! :3 Can’t wait to share everything that we’ve been planning with you!!!

~ Kiery xo